Professional Hypnosis and NLP

Professional Hypnosis in our Warrenville Office

As a Certified Professional Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner I can help you make lasting change and reach your peak levels of personal performance. People come to see me for habit change, including smoking cessation and to change lifelong eating habits, and they also come to see me to experience the benefits of hypnosis that promote healing and wellness for those recovering from illness or surgery. Hypnosis is also used to reach optimal performance states. These include academic performance, enhancing memory and recall, and stepping into confidence in any situation.

Have you been struggling with fear or limiting beliefs? Hypnosis is the ultimate tool for anxiety and stress, and hypnotic techniques of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) can help you set aside lifelong fears and overcome anxiety and worry.  Are you ready to live you best, change your behaviors, and feel your best?

I want to answer your questions about NLP or professional hypnosis. Below are just some of the services offered. Please call me at (815) 342-1224 and let me answer those questions and schedule your first appointment.

Overcome Anything with Professional Hypnosis and NLP

Christina Matthews, LCPC, CPH  in Warrenville, IL

Anxiety and Stress:

Learn to focus, reprogram your thought patterns, progressive muscle relaxation techniques and autogenic training.


Learn to control your state of mind and replace depressive moods with positive emotional states.

Academic Performance:

Increase memory, executive functioning, and emotional intelligence. Decrease test anxiety and frustration.

Medical Hypnosis:

Learn to manage pain and overcome fear and anxiety related to surgical and dental procedures. Manage chemotherapy and orthopedic procedures and speed up your healing time.

Creativity and Confidence:

Learn to focus, set achievable goals, execute plans, enhance creativity, and increase productivity and teamwork with improved communication and social skills.

Fears and Phobias:

Learn techniques to help minimize fears and phobias that are deeply wired into the subconscious.

Ineffective and Self-Sabotaging Habits:

Gain skills to control poor eating habits, hair pulling, nail biting, procrastination, and even addictive behaviors.

Are You Ready To Live Life Again?

Call me at (815) 342-1224 and let’s talk about how we can discover solutions together.

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