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Clinical Counseling in our Lisle Office

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor I utilize the modern approaches of evidenced based counseling, and integrate them with proven methods of experiential therapy. Neuro-cognitive approaches are used to help you change your “self-talk” and change your belief patterns. The result is a new way of thinking and responding to both current stressors, fears about the future and regret or shame over the past.

Experiential approaches of energy psychology, including Reiki, Integrated Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Sound/Color Therapies can change your life. I have discovered, it is not enough to just talk about solutions, it is also important to create healing form within and exprience solutions before ever leaving the office.  You can activate your greatest attributes, and I can help you.

I want to answer your questions about clinical counseling or professional hypnosis. Below are just some of the services offered. Please call me at (630) 509-4567 and let me answer those questions and schedule your first appointment.

Become the Very Best Version of Yourself!

Christina Matthews, LCPC, CCHI  in Lisle, IL

Modern approaches of evidence-based and the latest in modern neuroscience will help you find new ways of responding to deeply wired thought patterns that are no longer needed and can often sabotage your progress. By learning new techniques, you can avoid re-hashing the past and enjoy a whole and satisfying life in the present.

Trauma Recovery

Use research-based techniques to create a sense of calm, self-acceptance, and control in your life. Gain the skill to rebound quickly when old wounds are triggered and learn to control and change your emotional states, set boundaries, use assertive communication, and resist intrusive thoughts.

Depression and Anxiety

Using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Techniques, learn to control emotional states, release tension in the body, and create a calm and positive outlook. The benefits of these skills can help reverse and prevent disease and give an overall sense of health and well being.

Students and Academics

Students can increase their emotional intelligence levels which helps them control their emotional states, plan their work effectively, interact with peers and adults skillfully, increase learning and memory by addressing their own unique learning style, overcome performance anxiety, and increase self confidence. Services are available to help families communicate with school officials and create 504 plans to help their student navigate the school environment effectively.

Marital Counseling

Acquire the keys to ensure a successful relationship. Positive communication, perspective taking, acceptance, commitment, goal setting, and learning to create trust and mutual respect are all essential skills that cannot be overlooked.


Learn to feel in charge of your children while maintaining a loving and nurturing relationship based on respect and understanding; not fear and punishment. Modern neuroscience helps parents understand how children and teens develop and what to expect during different stages of their growth with helpful techniques and insights.


Create a Positive Mindset to Pursue Ultimate Success in Life

Call me at (630) 509-4567 and let’s talk about how we can discover solutions together.

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